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Innocence is brilliant

Listening: Avril Lavigne -Innocence

Mood: Shaken


There's something that's bothering me. Not because I'm involved can't surf the internet without this news jumping right into your face and that annoys the hell out of me.

So listen Ladies and Gentlemen here's the thing:

Joe Jonas dumped Taylor Swift during a 27 second call not without telling her he's now dating Camilla Bell (co-star from Lovebug). 

First of all man that's fast. What was he like? "Hi Taylor.Listen I dump you because now I'm with Camilla Bell?" Okay,that would probably take 10 Sec. Maybe he added "How are you?" Second who the hell tells his ex whom he's dating next?

So Taylor now seems to tell everyone who wants to listen, that Joe left her because of Camilla and how ouch that was.

And what's best? The whole world wants to be a part of that struggle. Team Taylor or Team Joe. CHOOSE!

Joe then put up a blog telling he was not cheating on Taylor and his heart simply mooved on. It's also her fault the phone call lastet 27 seconds because she was the one who hung up.


So far so good. Here's my problem. First of all: Dear Fan-Girls.What's wrong with you? First you're hating on Taylor cause she's dating Joe.Now you're hating on Camilla and feel poor for Taylor. Grow up. I thought it was all about music when it comes to a band, but I guess I was wrong. I must say I didn't even know who Camilla was...but now...SHE'S THE GIRL IN THAT NESPRESSO COMMERCIAL WITH GEORGE CLOONEY. Awesome.

Next, have you sat beside when Taylor got the call from Joe or even next to Joe? No? Oh well, then tell me how do you know what they said who hung up and and and. I guess a cheater would never tell he's a cheater (I can tell my boyfriend was cheating on me and guess what...he didn't tell me!) you can only believe in what the person says and you'll never know the truth. It was Taylors right to hang up if she did. If your heart got crushed in 27 seconds you can't take no more.

Now she's wounded. She's been hurt more than she can take and now she goes public. That's definetely not mature, but a broken heart isn't. I guess she wants to hurt him as much as he hurted her. That's understandable...not right but I can understand it.

So now to Joe...he's not a schmock. He at least had the guts to break with her.Great thing. And I believe an important thing in life is to make sure that you are happy. If Joe isn't with Taylor he should move on. Come on, he's 19 years old. He's still searching.

Over the phone? Yeah, what should he do?Wasn't he in Europe that time? I bet you would have done the same. So don't judge him for doing that. I already had to end a relationship on the phone cause he lived far away. So just driving by "Oh, we're done." and leave again was not an option (and a waste of gas...sorry...think of the environment .

And last but not least age is nothing but a number. I'm 22 too and I guess I would hang with a 19 year old. If it's fun to be with him and we connect? Why not?

Geeze...that had to be said. I'm on Team Jacob anyway so no Team for me.

18.11.08 12:38

I'll be there to hold you through the night...

Listen: Jonas Brothers - Inseperable

Mood: Wicked

Quote of the day: "I'm so scares the hell out of me!"

*Twilight books Spoiler* 

You know what?This song would so perfectly fit as theme song for twilight. I just can't get it out of my head. Bella...Edward...this song.It fits! By the way. I'm a Jacob supporter. No matter what he should have been the one for Bella. Edward is nice too of course. But he did make that terrible mistake and that made him much less sympathic.Also he's a controle freak and his body temperature is way to low. Ooookay...he is devine, awesomely handsome and funny in a sarcastic way (which got me!). Nevertheless I prefer sweating than freezing to death. But Bella's stupid anyway. "Oh...I can't decide which one to take...I guess I just kiss both to find out I'm more n love with the one I've been with all the time and break that other poor boy's heart!" Duh!

Haven't read the fourth one but I hope Jacob comes back and slaps her for a change.

You see...that book really captured me. If you haven't read it go buy it immediately!

22.10.08 18:01

Cause I am broken, what must I do to restore?

Listen: Paramore-We are broken

Mood: Restless

Quote of the day: "I hate Friday the 17th!"

I can describe everything in one sentence:

I'm a cheerleader. I know how to fake a smile when I feel like crying.

All for today...I'm out.

17.10.08 12:57

Please let me go insane.

Listen: MIA - Mein Freund

Mood: Missing

Quote of the day: "Do you guys do that too? I mean like watching a movie or reading a book and saying you want to be this or that character? In the book I'm reading at the moment there's this boy who's extremely beautiful, intelligent, funny and he can do everything. He's devine. Something like this maybe?"

-" Yeah, I want to be Busta Rhymes!"

I finally tried to go on with training. After my OP I have been very careful about everything. But yesterday I started dancing again. I was like a relieve. I didn't know how much I was missing it. I feel free...there's no pain while dancing. I love it.

We started part 3 of the party mix. The one I love the most. Rock this party is awesome.

16.10.08 22:44


Listen: Taylor Swift - Change

Mood: Down

Quote of the day: "Today...I just can't attend school.I need to go shopping."


I totally failed at the test today. I hate multiple choice where just one little word is different from the others. It really makes me mad. And I hate teachers that don't know what they are teaching us.

Dana: "Mister, could you tell us the right answer for question Nr.8? I'm not sure which one it was."

Teacher: "I GUESS it's a). But I will look it up."

Me: "No, it's definitely not a). If the conditions of that car aren't defined in the contract you can't just go there and say "Hey, my car consumes 8 instead of 6 litres gas. I read that in a magazine and now I want a new one!" That is just impossible."

Teacher: "Oh...i don't' look it up."

Good that I just have to bee there once a week...I would go crazy otherwise.

15.10.08 14:39

Holding grudges is not one of your many talents.

Listen: Lifehouse - Broken

Mood: Undecided

Quote of the day: "And the sound of your heart. It’s the most significant sound in my world." -E.C. ~ Twighlight-


Just a short one today:

"You may fail if you try, but if you don't try you've already failed."

Go for it, girl!

14.10.08 18:59

NCA 2008

Listening: My Chemical Romance - Thank you for the venom

Mood: Sadest puppy in the world

Quote of the day: "I definitely would vote Heath Ledger for "Sexiest Man alive!" ......... Got it?


There's one thing I hate the most. Dates getting canceled!

Nick invited us to come to the NCA 2008. I was so excited. I already bought a new dress and all that stuff.

And today he goes: "Okay...I gotta tell you I'm not going!" And I was like totally crushed. "Are you kidding me? You can't do this. I was so happy to be able to go there." "Yeah, sorry. but that's the way it goes."

.........without words.........


Today I want to talk about love at first sight. Did that ever happen to you?

It happens so fast you can't even think about it for a second.One look and you're gone. It's ridiculous...I mean you don't even know that person but he takes your breath away. You can't think and you start talking nonsense. I can't even explain what I was feeling.

He just walked into the room and smiled...nothing more...but it was like the sun coming up. And when he started talking it captured me. I'm even talking nonsense right now :D

It was not that he was extraordinary beautiful or something. He was shining...I guess that was what amazed me.

But it wasn't exactly love...I just was into him from the first second on. I wanted to get to know him, I wanted to see what lies behind that kind smile and gorgeous (There I said it!) face...

But I guess that's just out of my league.

13.10.08 21:56

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