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First I got to change my quote of the day. A telephone conversation between me and my boyfriend:

He: „What are you doing today?“

-„We’re going to my grandma’s grave. It would have been her birthday yesterday.“

„Oh allright. Then have fun.“


-„I just gave you the eyebrow. You can’t see it but it means JERK!“

„Sorry, then don’t you dare to have fun.“ we went to the grave and refurbished everything with white grit and yellow flowers. It looks very very beautiful now. I miss her so much. I used to live at her house when I was younger. Eventhough she died 8 months ago it's still so hard to think about it.I just hope she's better now.

12.10.08 18:44

Laugh now, cry later!

Listening: Kate Perry - Hot N Cold

Mood: Disturbed

Quote of the day: „Who’s that li berty anyway?“
-„It says liberty.“
„Oh…right. I knew that!“

The convention was awesome. I've seen so many wonderful pictures and tattoos. There was this boy who got tattoed in front of us. He got the Virgin Mary on his upper left arm. I really was stunned. Her face was so full of life and was a wonderful tattoo.

But of course there where also the complete opposite. Someone had F@ck tattoed on the inside of his lower lip. (What the?!?!?!) Or another one had a bockwurst on his leg and don't forget the mustard. So now tell me what's that supposed to mean? Crazy...

And I fell in love with a shirt with "Whatever it was...I didn't do it!" on it. That's like my motto at work.

12.10.08 10:47

I support pizza plants!

Listening: Taylor Swift - Lovestory

Mood: Tired

Quote of the day: "Earth is amazing! These are called "farms". Humans who put seeds in the ground pour water on them, and they grow food - like, pizza!"


Wall-E is awesome. One oft the funniest movies I've seen so far. That little dirt fight thing between Wall-E and Mo is freakin hilarious. I almost fell off my chair.

And at the same time it's so sad. I felt badly sorry for Wall-E all time. (I never sighed so much) It makes you want to jump through the silver screen and be like "Everybody back off...I'm taking care of him now." I absolutely fell in love with him immediately.I would even marry him...if he weren't a robot...and if he were real.


Today I'm going to the Tattoo Convention. YES! That's going to be fun.

11.10.08 11:04

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class

 Listening: Fall Out Boy - I don't care

Wuhuuu...I'm so excited. We've finally decided to go and see Wall-E tonight. Isn't he like the cutest thing in the entire world? (Probably besides Pete Wentz :D) Can't wait!


Oh and before I forget to mention it. Who cares if they broke up (if they ever even dated). For heaven's sake, let them be. They're still teenager. And if the way of doing so bothers you: Forget about it. If you were miles apart what would you do? Charter a plain and fly like hours just to say "Oh Hey. Just wanted to let you know we're done.See ya!" Naaaaah...that's sappy.

10.10.08 17:48

Start off the worst

Listening: Pink – So what
Mood: Totally ticked off
Quote of the day: “Oh God. Joe…Danger.” - K.J. -
Today’s a good day…yeah…one of the good ones.
My boyfriend and me are a couple for about two years now. That’s a good thing…so it’s supposed to be a good day. GOOD I SAID!
Nope it’s a horrible day.
So…I was sick the whole week. But I didn’t stay home cause there was a lot of work to do. LOADS OF WORK.
And my colleague (a man by the way)just gave me a buzz: “I’m ill. Gotta stay home…in bed… and die” (Okay I made up the last part) But I’ll bet you he thinks that. All the other sick persons are here…still working… and all female.
Are you kidding me?!?!?! That’s so totally pissing me off.  It’s not that I’m already filling in while another co-worker is on holiday. That’s so not cool.
Seriously I’m so gonna kill you if you don’t die of your terrible cold.

Anyway…that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

P.S.: Speaking of...I got myself a Blueberry Muffin...the world seems better now

10.10.08 13:07

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