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Start off the worst

Listening: Pink – So whatMood: Totally ticked offQuote of the day: “Oh God. Joe…D... weiterlesen
10.10.08 13:07

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class

 Listening: Fall Out Boy - I don't careWuhuuu...I'm so excited. We've finally decided to go and... weiterlesen
10.10.08 17:48

I support pizza plants!

Listening: Taylor Swift - LovestoryMood: TiredQuote of the day: "Earth is amazing! These are ca... weiterlesen
11.10.08 11:04

Laugh now, cry later!

Listening: Kate Perry - Hot N ColdMood: Disturbed Quote of the day: „Who’s that li be... weiterlesen
12.10.08 10:47

Go! Get the candle from that other thing over there!

First I got to change my quote of the day. A telephone conversation between me and my boyfriend:He: ... weiterlesen
12.10.08 18:44

NCA 2008

Listening: My Chemical Romance - Thank you for the venomMood: Sadest puppy in the worldQuote of the ... weiterlesen
13.10.08 21:56

Holding grudges is not one of your many talents.

Listen: Lifehouse - BrokenMood: UndecidedQuote of the day: "And the sound of your heart. It&rsq... weiterlesen
14.10.08 18:59

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