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Listening: Pink – So what
Mood: Totally ticked off
Quote of the day: “Oh God. Joe…Danger.” - K.J. -
Today’s a good day…yeah…one of the good ones.
My boyfriend and me are a couple for about two years now. That’s a good thing…so it’s supposed to be a good day. GOOD I SAID!
Nope it’s a horrible day.
So…I was sick the whole week. But I didn’t stay home cause there was a lot of work to do. LOADS OF WORK.
And my colleague (a man by the way)just gave me a buzz: “I’m ill. Gotta stay home…in bed… and die” (Okay I made up the last part) But I’ll bet you he thinks that. All the other sick persons are here…still working… and all female.
Are you kidding me?!?!?! That’s so totally pissing me off.  It’s not that I’m already filling in while another co-worker is on holiday. That’s so not cool.
Seriously I’m so gonna kill you if you don’t die of your terrible cold.

Anyway…that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

P.S.: Speaking of...I got myself a Blueberry Muffin...the world seems better now

10.10.08 13:07

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