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NCA 2008

Listening: My Chemical Romance - Thank you for the venom

Mood: Sadest puppy in the world

Quote of the day: "I definitely would vote Heath Ledger for "Sexiest Man alive!" ......... Got it?


There's one thing I hate the most. Dates getting canceled!

Nick invited us to come to the NCA 2008. I was so excited. I already bought a new dress and all that stuff.

And today he goes: "Okay...I gotta tell you I'm not going!" And I was like totally crushed. "Are you kidding me? You can't do this. I was so happy to be able to go there." "Yeah, sorry. but that's the way it goes."

.........without words.........


Today I want to talk about love at first sight. Did that ever happen to you?

It happens so fast you can't even think about it for a second.One look and you're gone. It's ridiculous...I mean you don't even know that person but he takes your breath away. You can't think and you start talking nonsense. I can't even explain what I was feeling.

He just walked into the room and smiled...nothing more...but it was like the sun coming up. And when he started talking it captured me. I'm even talking nonsense right now :D

It was not that he was extraordinary beautiful or something. He was shining...I guess that was what amazed me.

But it wasn't exactly love...I just was into him from the first second on. I wanted to get to know him, I wanted to see what lies behind that kind smile and gorgeous (There I said it!) face...

But I guess that's just out of my league.

13.10.08 21:56

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