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Small girl (yes I'm short and I have to compensate that ), almost 22 with high hopes.

Caught in daydreams most of the time but that doesn't mean I can't be a realist.

I like guys who have a good sense of humour cause I love laughing. A guy whos funny always wins my heart no matter what.

I'm sarcastic by the way.So don't take me too seriously all the time. I'm not doing it either .

At least 10 Minutes of my day get used for flipping out. Going crazy is the best thing. You're grown up long enough.

The only real passions I have are music and dancing.Every minute! I can't live without it.

I love my friends and family more than everything.They are amazing

I'm clumsy. I tend to run against door jambs. But i guess that's kind of cute sometimes :D

My hair's stuck between curly and straight. If anybody knows how to tame them let me know

I'm a cheerleader. Bet you hadn't guessed that one. But I am. I have to admit...I can't do a split, but I'm working on it. Good that we don't do it that much

I absolutely love talking on the phone more than writing text messages.

I dig guitarists. It's by far my most favourite instrument and I would love to be able to play it. (I already tried...but thats another story :D)

I suck at making decisions. Even at Mc Donalds. I'm waiting in line mulling over what to take and when they ask me to order I take something without thinking.Later I'm like "Naaah...I didn't want that *sob*" It's freaking me out.

I HATE cheese unless it's melted. The same with could even melt them I won't eat them. They're gross.

Up until now I've never lost a race in Mario Cart. Yes...that makes me proud

My friends and I love doing the insult swordfighting like in Monkey Island (No, we don't rhyme.)

And I'm definetly born in the wrong country.


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